Besides foraging sites with ads, there are other ways to search for work. Only 18% of appointees in 2012. Americans have found work through job sites, a survey of CareerXroads.

The problem is that this is the easiest way to search for work and therefore preferred and praktituvan all. This increases competition enormously, because in addition to the unemployed, the ads reviewed and about 75% of workers.

Therefore, if a long time to work through classifieds sites, do not despair – you are not alone. And fortunately there are other ways to search for work. Today I present you 6 of them:
# 1 By links and contacts

Most people find a job in this way. Not about t. Pomegranate. “Nepotism” and “cronyism” and for normal relations that each of us has.

Worse is the appointment of a man who does not deserve the position only because of some intimacy with someone superior, not the appointment of capable and competent person, be it known and boss. Therefore, there is nothing wrong to use his contacts when looking for work as long as you are competent for the job.
# 2 By the sites of employers

Many ads are published only on the sites of employers, usually in page “Careers” or something similar. In 2012, in the USA more people have found work through these pages, rather than through job sites.

Ads in the career pages of employers reach far less people than those in specialized job sites, so competition for them is significantly less (at least in terms of quantity).

Identify several companies in which you want to work and add their careers page to your bookmarks in your internet browser. View them every week. Check whether these companies have pages on LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and register for them because HR-s often share the ads there.
# 3 Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn coincidentally is the # 1 social network in the world of professional contacts – it was developed specifically for this purpose and therefore offers many possibilities for job search.

In the section “Jobs”, accessible via the main menu of the website, LinkedIn shows you ads, selected according to your profession and education, as well as a significant number of announcements from companies that employ people in your network. Here you can use your smartphone through the mobile application of LinkedIn.

Section “Jobs” has each of the groups in LinkedIn. Join the groups of your professional field and watch them both this section and the discussions because it is a favorite place of HR-and and employers report that people seek.

Company page on LinkedIn usually have a section “Careers”. Some employers do not use it, but others, it is updated regularly, so do not neglect this opportunity and check them frequently.
# 4 By building online reputation

Besides that 90% of employers use social networks to find candidates already have agencies that deal only with social recruiting *.

So make your LinkedIn profile complete 100% according to the indicator on the site. This is one of the conditions to enable account to rank first in the search results. The second condition is the profile is optimized for search by keywords.

For this purpose, turn the key words that describe your profession in all important elements of the profile, in the so called. “Headline”, in the so called. “Summary”, the description of the positions and their education and any additional section added to your account. Choose from the list of skills such products containing these keywords.
# 5 Through research and analysis

If you follow the development of the companies in your industry or those that your target can be proactive and apply before they are posted jobs. So you will not have any competition, and will make a good impression with the fact that you have guessed when the business would need somebody like you.

Any change of ownership, expansion, opening new sites and other similar events will mean new hires. Even the new owner to cut some staff, it is possible to seek other, because his strategy certainly differs from current and likely will be active in new directions.

Follow news and events around you are interested employers and find the right time to submit your application. Researching a company, learn and who manages the department that will eventually proceed and write directly to him and not to the department “Human Resources”.
# 6 Door to Door

This is the oldest method of finding work that exists since the world began, but at the same time is the most tested and works flawlessly. Before the invention of the printing press in the 15th century, there was no newspapers, no ads, but people still have a job. Have used this particular method – they have walked from door to door.

And today, if you go to look for work door to door, somewhere will find. In fact, many people now find work in this way. If you’ve exhausted all other possibilities or simply urgently need a new job, it is time for this method.

In this case you will also have a list of targeted companies. First send CV and cover letter to each of them by email. Maybe so achieve a result. But if you go on foot in every office and leave the CV-it and cover letter to the secretary (in large institutions – the registry), this will make a very strong impression.
In conclusion

Job sites are extremely comfortable and if you find his work in any of them, that would be great. Unfortunately, things are not always so easy, so you may need to invest more time and effort in your job search.

The good news is that there are other ways a person to find a job – you have listed six. You can apply them individually or in combination. But there is a catch – none of them will not work unless you know what you are looking for work.

I hope however that these recommendations help you find a job or at least help you to expand your horizons. If you have more ideas for job search outside the ads or have questions on the topic, write in the comments section below.